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The Mad Dok Is In: An Adepticon Tale

Well as most of you should know if you follow my other blog posts, that this was my first time attending Adepticon. I had a blast. So to start off the weekend once I arrived at the hotel I dropped a little bit of cash grabbing a Horus and a Ferrus Manus. While I don’t play heresy era 40k, I find those models particularly beautiful. I’m not much of a painter but I on these I intend to do a particularly good job. So as far as games go I...

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The Mad Dok Is In: Road Ready

Ladies and gentlemen, Adepticon is almost upon us. As this will be my first time attending I am unsure of what to expect. At this point I am as ready as I will ever be. I finished all my modeling, painting, and basing for both the team tourney and the friendly. Now all that remains for me is applying dullcote and print off many copies of army lists for both events. Truthfully I am glad it is almost here and over. My team and I have been...

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Hellhound Treats: The Squimpa

Hey guys, hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Year. For some of us that were lucky enough to have a vacation for the holidays, we spent our time eating, visiting family, and generally relaxing. I spent my break doing all of these alongside painting and working on models in my spare time. At the beginning of the year, I made a some personal promises to myself on hobby/play goals. So far I have met all of my goals, but I did not...

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Warhammer Quest for iOS

I realize that this isn’t 40K related, but I recently downloaded the Warhammer Quest iOS app by Rodeo Games. I wasn’t expecting much, but it turns out to be a very entertaining game. I thought write a quick review for anyone who is considering purchasing the game. The Basics: The game plays in a landscape orientation, not uncommon with other iOS games. The game starts with a tutorial, walking you through everything you need to...

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AdeptiCon 2013 40K Terrain Setup

We have had a few questions about the terrain setup and deployment orders for the AdeptiCon 2013 40K events, so we put together this video to hopefully help clear up some of the confusion and snap judgements. If you have any questions about it, please leave them in the comments section of the video. AdeptiCon 2013 40K Terrain Setup

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Gentleman's Ones

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from A Gentleman's Ones and from Anvil Eight Games. Let's hear it for High Fructose Corn Syrup! 
complements of ...

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White Scar's Army

Team America 40k

And the 2014 team is....

It has truly been a wild ride in the wild card spot. We have officially determined the winner of the last slot on the 2014 E...

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Free Mars Comic


Happy Halloween! ‘Free Mars’ Volume III Promo: Hammer to Fall. Coming November 2014.

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Mantic Games Blog

Kings of War: The Herd now available for Free Download

Kings of War 2nd Edition includes eleven Force Lists for the major factions of Mantica ? but there are many more minor races th...

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Warpstone Pile

Apoxie Sculpt ? Wrath of Kings bases

Some weird bug motivated me to put together the Wrath of Kings Goritsi I picked up at a Huzzah swap meet a few months back. Of ...

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